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Membership Benefits for the International Association of Laboratory Schools

Over 100 laboratory schools are associated with colleges and universities worldwide. The faculty members of these schools are scholars, master teachers, and researchers involved in early childhood, elementary, secondary and higher education. Laboratory schools are innovative in their approach to educational reform. These member schools are also different in that each operates according to the needs of the institution at which it resides.

Laboratory schools have a commitment to educate children and educate prospective teachers. A direct result is the children in laboratory schools receive an outstanding education from top scholar/ practitioners who are master teachers. Our association's commitment is to provide support, collaboration, and encouragement for those seeking solutions to education issues. This includes supporting the exploration of significant ideas, innovative practices and programs; providing forums for discussion of educational issues and implementation of innovative ideas and communication between and among schools, universities and professional organizations.

AS A MEMBER … you will be eligible to submit proposals for presentations at the annual conference, receive IALS Newsletters and Journals, and apply for grants.

How to Become an IALS Member

We welcome your interest in joining the International Association of Laboratory Schools. Please complete the Google Form to help us get to know you through your membership. Payments may be made online through the Registration Form link or mailed to:

IALS c/o Jill Sarada

Falk Laboratory School

4060 Allequippa Street

Pittsburgh, PA, 15261

Please make all checks payable to IALS.  

Be Our Friend


Whether you are an IALS member or not, you can help us achieve our mission by generously donating to our endowment fund.  The funds we collect this way are used to provide grants and awards that will enrich the teaching at deserving laboratory schools across the country. Thank you for your generous gift!

Become a Member Now

Complete your registration form for Individual or School Membership by following the link below for Registration. If so inclined, donate to IALS to help lab schools around the world.

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