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Each of IALS member schools is as unique as the children they teach. The following snapshots are a mere glimpse of that diversity. Follow the links to each member's website or use the contact information for more details.

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Our member schools worldwide!
  • American University of Iraq - Baghdad
  • Srinakharinwirot Secondary School
  • Thammasat University Secondary School
  • LABYRINTH - zakladni skola, s.r.o.
  • Paris Lab School
  • Slobodná škola
South America
North America
United States
  • Academy for Academic Excellence
  • Barbara K.Lipman Early Childhood School
  • Berry College Elementary School
  • Bing Nursery School
  • Burris Laboratory School
  • Campus School of Smith College
  • East Tennessee State University - University School
  • Horace Mann Laboratory School
  • Hollingworth Preschool at Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Falk Laboratory School
  • Kilby Laboratory School
  • Mayfair Laboratory School
  • Mills College Children's School
  • Model Laboratory School at Eastern Kentucky University
  • Momentous Institute
  • Norton Space and Aeronautics Academy
  • Onica Prall Child Development Laboratory School
  • School of the Ozarks (A Laboratory School of College of the Ozarks)
  • Southern Nazarene Lab School
  • Starpoint School at Texas Christian University
  • The Center for Early Education Lab School Montgomery College
  • The Child Development & Student Research Center
  • The Children's School of Carnegie Mellon University
  • The School at Columbia University
  • The Grace B. Luhrs University School - Shippensburg University
  • The Henry Barnard Laboratory School
  • The Louisiana State University Laboratory School
  • The University of Texas at Tyler University Academy
  • Thomas Metcalf Laboratory School and University High School at Illinois State University
  • Towson University Child Care Center
  • University Child Development Center
  • University of West Georgia College of Education Early Learning Center
  • Halifax Independent Schools
  • The Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study Laboratory School - University of Toronto
  • The Mabin School
  • University of Toronto Schools
Puerto Rico
  • University of Puerto Rico Laboratory Schools

 Slobodná škola

Slobodná škola or The Free Democratic School is an elementary school with nearly 800 pupils in grades 1-9, of which over 700 pupils are so-called "homeschoolers". Without constant management and supply of stimuli, we provide a space for a proven model of free/self-directed learning and free play, confirmed by the century-long experience of Summerhill School in England, as well as the latest findings in pedagogy, psychology and neurology. We guide children through the world in freedom, inclusion, while maintaining intrinsic motivation and abundant time outdoors. In addition to the above, our goal is to show the public that education can be done differently - more free and joyfully, and also that democracy is a value that we must not only cherish and protect, but fight for on a daily basis.

slobonda skola kosice.png

Maxfield Elementary Learning School, University of St Thomas 

As a Collaborative Learning School, Maxfield Elementary will partner with St. Thomas to prepare teachers, develop and apply best practices for teaching and learning, and provide professional development opportunities to create incredible student-centered learning environments starting in the 2023-24 school year. This innovative partnership incorporates promising practices for addressing the needs of all learners while preparing and developing effective teachers.


Contact Information:


Kilby Laboratory School

Kilby Laboratory School provides a safe, stimulating, and cooperative learning environment for elementary students promoting cognitive development with an emphasis on thinking, reasoning, and problem solving.

Kilby Laboratory School maintains a positive, innovative school climate which respects, values, and embraces cultural diversity and inspires students to maximize their academic potential as life-long learners.

una logo.png
Montgomery College image.jpg

The Center for Early Education Lab School Montgomery College

The Center for Early Education (CEE) Lab School is a premier learning community designed to engage and inspire young children three to five years of age. We provide innovative play-based classroom experiences to equip young learners in social- emotional development and academic enrichment. From expressive arts programs, year-round STEAM explorations and language study, the CEE Lab School is an amazing program for your child to learn and grow.  

The CEE Lab School program is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, a participant in Maryland Excels, and a member of the International Association of Lab Schools. As a Lab School, we support the Montgomery College School of Education as a model of best practice in child development for student teachers and faculty. Enrollment is open for MC students, MC employees and the community. 

Montgomery College logo.png

Contact Information:

Phone: 240-567-2041 
Email: Lynnette Weaver

The School at Columbia University.png

The School at Columbia University

We dedicate ourselves to fostering in our students personal resourcefulness and integrity, a sense of social responsibility, and a lifelong appreciation of learning through an innovative, socially and emotionally supportive, and academically challenging program. Our pedagogical and curricular philosophies embrace multicultural perspectives, which challenge educators and learners to examine their preconceived notions of race, gender, ethnicity, class, ability, religion, and sexual orientation. We adhere to a common code of civility among all constituents. We tailor our instruction so that the needs of the individual students are met. A committed faculty and administration strive to create a school that will stand as a model for what K-8 education can be, and serve as a genuine and enduring partnership between Columbia University and its neighbors.

the school at columbia university logo.png

Contact Information:

Phone: 212-851-4215 
Email for General Information:


zakladni skola, s.r.o.

Labyrinth school supports a diversity and variety of perspectives. We foster intrinsic motivation as a prerequisite for appreciation of life-long learning. We guide the pupils to find their own learning strategy, to plan and continuously evaluate the learning process, and experience individual and team success. The school’s vision is built on the idea that a safe and supportive environment for children is achieved through cooperation of school, parents, community, and external partners. Such a learning environment leads a person to become self-confident, anchored, open-minded, and a concerned citizen. Most importantly, it helps develop students  into self-directed learners.   


Contact Information:

Bretislav Svozil, Head of School

Tereza Cerovska, Deputy Director

+420 608 407 832


Academy for Academic Excellence

The Academy for Academic Excellence exists to prepare students for post-secondary success through a relevant, rigorous college preparatory education.

aae logo.jpg

Bing Nursery School

The mission of Stanford's Bing Nursery School is to provide a laboratory setting for research where faculty members and graduate students can conduct research in child development, to provide an exceptional educational environment for young children, to teach undergraduate and graduate students about young children through observation and experience in the classroom, and to partner with both parents and educators in helping to improve the lives of young children and their families.

Bing school logo.jpg

Falk Laboratory School

Falk School’s mission is to be a progressive, experimental, and demonstration elementary school.

Falk logo.png

Mayfair Laboratory School

Mayfair Lab’s Vision is to follow the model of organization and instruction currently in place at the University Lab School to emphasize rigorous instruction that allows students to perform at their highest levels.

mayfair logo.png

Onica Prall Child Development Laboratory School

The Lab School provides preschool education for children who are three and four years old. A large portion of the day is spent in free play and exploratory learning. During this time, children are given choices including art, symbolic-play, numeracy, science, music, language arts and motor activities. Weekly activities are organized around themes that form cohesive units of study.


The Children's School of Carnegie Mellon University

As a university laboratory school, we aim to lead through excellence and innovation. 

Carnegie logo.png

The Henry Barnard Laboratory School

The Henry Barnard School is an integral part of the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development. The primary purpose of Henry Barnard School is to provide an excellent educational opportunity for its students, while simultaneously functioning as a resource and learning center for Rhode Island College students. As a laboratory school, Henry Barnard School encourages innovative educational practices, educational research, and shares these results with the educational community.

Henry bernars logo.png

Starpoint School at Texas Christian University

Starpoint has two missions.  To provide an individualized academic program to help children obtain tools to compensate for their learning difficulties, build on their own strengths, develop a positive attitude about learning, and perform to the best of their capabilities in their next educational setting.  To serve as an on-campus training site for TCU students within the College of Education and other university programs.

starpoint logo-1.png

University of Puerto Rico Laboratory Schools

To be a school that fosters an environment of respect towards diversity in which its students can have the best academic experiences. 

Please note the website is Spanish. To translate the webpages when using Google follow this link for instructions:

UPR logo.png

Srinakharinwirot Secondary School

Prasarnmit Demonstration School (Secondary) was founded on 3 July, 1952. It is affiliated with the Faculty of Education of Srinakharinwirot University. It has its own efficient academic administrative system and is able to manage basic education effectively by emphasizing developmental research, teaching and learning demonstration, experimentation, and sharing knowledge with other educational institutes. The school is well equipped with facilities, materials and professionally qualified personnel from the Faculty of Education who help support and supervise the teachers training students. The school is a place for producing and developing youngsters physically, mentally and intellectually and helping them become citizens with the ability to solve problems accurately and skillfully, handle communication technology and search for knowledge independently. The students at the school also become skilled in communication and teamwork and are able to develop into adults who have strong moral values and become valued citizens.

Srinakharinwirot Secondary School.png
holingworth header.png

Hollingworth Preschool at Teachers College, Columbia University

Hollingworth Preschool is a university-based early childhood center located on the Upper West Side campus of Teachers College, Columbia University. As an internationally recognized program, we provide education for creative, bright, and curious children ages three through five, each of whom bring a unique learning profile and limitless potential to the classroom environment. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that  all preschoolers are capable of learning through shared inquiry, sustained play, and varied experiences. At Hollingworth, every child is a treasured member of the community and is given the opportunity to deepen their sense of self as a dynamic and resilient learner.

uwg early childhood logo.png

University of West Georgia College of Education Early Learning Center 

The College of Education Early Learning Center at the University of West Georgia is a community-based initiative aimed at developing a state-of-the-art early childhood site committed to becoming an early childhood research, practice, and policy hub as well as a place for regional community partnership, family engagement, and scholarly expertise.

The four strategic goals of the COE Early Learning Center include: 

  1. Supporting the community’s capacity for inclusive early childhood education and early care programs and supports.

  2. Modeling best-in-class educational practice and programming.

  3. Increasing family and community engagement and partnerships.

  4. Building collective expertise for innovation and comprehensive services.

uwg elc sheild.png

Contact Information:

University of West Georgia

1601 Maple Street, Carrollton, GA 30118


Ashley Poole

Phone: 678-839-6058

Southern nazarene.jpg

Southern Nazarene Lab School


We exist to teach every child, to train the next generation of teachers, and to continuously improve through guided research.


To create flexible learning environments where students can learn both independently and collaboratively.


To create an experience where students grow and connect with their purpose through mastery learning in Christian community.

southern nazarene logo.png

Contact Information:

Phone 405-491-6645

Fax: 405-717-6284 

SNU Lab School

3100 North Rockwell

Bethany, OK 73008

mills college building.jpg

Mills College Children's School

Our Mission

  • To provide high-quality, developmentally appropriate educational programs for children from infancy through fifth grade

  • To provide a clinical setting in which students preparing for careers in Early Childhood can participate in the application of theory into practice and develop the understanding of how practice informs theory

  • To facilitate educational research oppor­tunities that engage participants in the process of investigation, reflection, and documentation


University of Texas at Tyler University Academy

The mission of the UT Tyler University Academy is to develop students who leave school STEM College and Career Ready. STEM College Ready indicates students are prepared to enroll in a STEM Major at a university. Typically this means they are calculus ready upon graduation or have completed calculus in high school.


Barbara K.Lipman Early Childhood School

We offer a unique learning environment, a nurturing place that encourages children to explore their own active learning abilities. Here they are guided by specially trained teachers and are supported by community.

lipman logo.jpg

Campus School of Smith College

The mission of the Campus School of Smith College is to provide an exemplary education for elementary school students and to provide a learning environment for Smith College students and faculty.

Smith logo.jpg

Halifax Independent Schools

At Halifax Independent education is focused on the whole child: intellectual, emotional, physical and social. We understand that a happy child learns best and that each child learns and develops in many different ways.

Halifax logo.png

Momentous Institute

Momentous School is a Dallas-based laboratory school dedicated to helping students from three years old to 5th grade achieve outstanding academic success through social emotional health.

Paris lab school Cooking.jpg

Paris Lab School

Paris Lab School is an innovative, bilingual, inclusive, secular, and ecologically responsible school. We aim to support children in all aspects of their learning experience and to enable them to become responsible, well-informed, autonomous, socially-conscious, and happy citizens.

paris lab schools.png

Contact Information:

oise - Copy.jpg

The Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study Laboratory School - University of Toronto

The Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study Laboratory School at the University of Toronto has a unique place in the history of educational excellence, teacher preparation, and child study in Canada.

Copy of LabSchoolLogo.png

The Louisiana State University Laboratory School

The Louisiana State University Laboratory School was established by the College of Education, now known as the College of Human Sciences and Education, of Louisiana State University and has operated under its auspices for nearly 100 years. This coeducational school exists as an independent system to provide training opportunities for pre- and in-service teachers and to serve as a demonstration and educational research center.

LSU Laboratory School has been recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.

LouisianaState logo.png

Towson University Child Care Center

We believe that the earliest memories of a school environment should be full of learning experiences which stimulate all of the senses, includes ample outdoor play in our nature play scape, making mud pies, jumping in mud puddles, and climbing on rocks. We draw from the child development work of Maria Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia. 

towson logo.png
Toronto (1).jpg

University of Toronto Schools

University of Toronto Schools (UTS) is a university preparatory school, grades 7 through 12, affiliated with the University of Toronto. Located on U of T's St. George Campus, UTS offers high-achieving students a specialized curriculum and a unique co-educational learning environment that encourages creative interests and physical activity as well as a sense of social responsibility.

Thammasat building.jpg

Thammasat University Secondary School

Under the philosophy that “Good learning is the most precious thing in life.” Thammasat University Demonstration School has designed a “learning ecosystem” that consists of three components: the curriculum, teachers and school personnel, and society (parents, guardians, and other factors. that surrounds the learner) which requires attention from every element to promote and support each other It will be a very important part in the development of a child to grow up with quality.


Model Laboratory Schools
at Eastern Kentucky University

In a shared commitment with Eastern Kentucky University, Model Laboratory School will serve as a learning laboratory for K-12 education in the Commonwealth of Kentucky by providing an exemplar for research, best practices, and innovation in elementary and secondary education and teacher professional learning.

Model will establish pathways that provide a K-20 student-centered learning environment producing next generation college graduates and career professionals prepared to lead a global society. In addition, Model will serve as a professional development and continuing education hub to provide opportunities for Kentucky’s educators to become master teachers.

Eastern Tenn logo.png
AUIB campus.jpg

American University of Iraq - Baghdad


 We offer a world-class, US-style educational program in Iraq, providing a student-centered approach to education that balances inquiry-based academic excellence with artistic, physical, social, and emotional well-being, leading to exemplary local and global citizenship. 



As a community, we believe that everyone inspires, and everyone belongs. 

American School Baghdad.png

Contact Information:

Email: Dr. Edmund Melville

CCDC Building.jpg

Bloom Early Childhood Centre

Our philosophy is to serve as exemplary models of play-based best practices in early childhood development and support the development of high-quality early childhood practices throughout the Caribbean through pre-service and in-service professional development and research.


Our motto, learning through play, celebrating the process, is at the heart of everything we do.

University west indies.png

Contact Information:

Bloom Early Childhood Centre, Jamaica

The Caribbean Child Development Centre

The University of the West Indies Open Campus

1 Port of Spain Way,

The UWI Mona Campus

Kingston 7, JAMAICA

Phone 876-464-5792


Programme Lead:

Rochelle Ferguson


Ceceile Minott

FB and Instagram @letsbloomja

Burris Lab school.jpg

Burris Laboratory School

Burris Laboratory School fosters a culture of respect and trust where every student is challenged to pursue excellence by engaging in a well-rounded, technologically enhanced, rigorous curriculum in a safe and secure environment. As a model school, engaged in best-practice research and the preparation of highly effective educators, we collaborate with community partners to prepare students for success in an ever-changing world.

Burris logo.png

Contact Information:

Phone: 765-285-1131
Fax: 765-285-8620

By Mail

2201 W. University Ave.
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306


Thomas Metcalf Laboratory School and University High School at Illinois State University

The ISU Laboratory Schools at Illinois State University, Thomas Metcalf School and University High School, serve as clinical experience and practice sites for pre-service teachers and experimental teaching activities for Prekindergarten through Twelfth grades. Their mission focuses on teacher preparation, educational research, professional development, and innovative teaching.  The Lab Schools are public schools with total student enrollment of 1000 students K-12, and an additional tuition-based Preschool program with 24 students. 

Illinois State University lab schools.jpg

Berry College Elementary & Middle School

Committed to Martha Berry’s enduring mission of educating “head, heart, and hands,” Berry College Elementary & Middle School serves 150 students in K-8th grade with unparalleled educational opportunities, talented faculty, and an abundance of campus resources, to build strong academic foundations, discover potential, and develop a sense of responsibility for making the world a better place. For over forty years, BCEMS, the laboratory school for Berry College’s Charter School of Education and Human Sciences, has provided a model program grounded in best practices to prepare students for outstanding achievement in high school, college and beyond.

Berry logo.jpg

East Tennessee State University - University School

As a model K-12 school, we are committed to an integrated academic curriculum emphasizing science and mathematics, which prepares all students and future educators to contribute to and succeed in a technologically oriented and global society.

etsu logo.png

Horace Mann Laboratory School

Established in 1906, Horace mann Laboratory School is a training ground for education majors.  Laboratory schools provide the environment in which best practices in education flourish and innovative research projects begin.

Horace Mann logo.jpg

Norton Space and Aeronautics Academy

The mission of the Norton Space and Aeronautics Academy (NSAA) is to ensure learning for a diverse population of students within a safe and rigorous bilingual educational environment.


School of the Ozarks (A Laboratory School of College of the Ozarks)

The mission of College of the Ozarks is to provide the advantages of a Christian education for youth of both sexes, especially those found worthy, but who are without sufficient means to procure such training.

scool of ozarks ;pgp.png

The Child Development & Student Research Center

The Child Development & Student Research Center was established in 1975 as a laboratory preschool for the undergraduates in the Psychology Department at Rollins College. We serve children between the ages of two and five years.

Rollins logo.png

The Mabin School

The Mabin School is an educational leader that develops confident and independent learners through a rich, hands-on program centred around Inquiry, Integration and Reflection. It is Canada’s first independent Ashoka Changemaker School.

MAbin logo.png

Contact Information:

 (416) 964-9594


University Child Development Center

The University Child Development Center exists to encourage and support each child to grow to his/her fullest potential in all areas of development, thus creating a positive self-concept and a realistic opportunity for success in life. 

Universoty child develoment logo.png

The Grace B. Luhrs University School - Shippensburg University

As a laboratory school attached to the university's College of Education and Human Services, Luhrs provides a setting for university students from many majors to observe and participate in elementary school activities.

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